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Is a Civil Society of consultants of architecture and engineering. Established in 1978, with the participation of the founders Architects: Luis R. Romero G. (CIV # 19254) and Maria Esperanza Perozo de Romero (CIV # 19255). Both graduates of the University of Zulia in 1977.

With accumulated experience since the last years before graduating, working on projects such as:

- Housing of the Agronomist "Gustavo Suarez."

- Offices and Deposits of "R & G Tractor C. A."

- Renovation of the "Main Maracaibo’s Market",
(Today Lia Bermudez Theatre)

- Renovation of the "Plaza Baralt".

The study was located for the first time in the Montielco building on 72th Street. Where we began addressing the different project applications.

We have innovated in techniques of current computer science, at all levels. We opened a website to improve service and contact with our customers.

We have expanded the level of consulting with the addition of new generations of architects. With Architect Adriana Romero Perozo (CIV # 142841), a graduate of the University of Zulia in 2003.

We complements the Staff of Consultants with Engineers in various specialties of very high standard and professional experience.

Developed projects cover a wide spectrum of needs and specialties. From single family homes to multi-family housing and industrial.

We ventured into projects outside our borders.

Currently we provide services in: Development of architectural projects, renovations, services during and after construction, preliminary studies, construction management, furniture design, interior design, landscaping, electronic modeling, 3D animation.

Building and Remodeling through subsidiaries.

" R & P Construction and Investment C.A."